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Industrial Filtration Systems

Manufacturer of customised Central filtration system / Individual filtration systems for Automobile manufacturers , Auto Component manufacturers , Bearing Industry , Cold Rolling Mills , Food processing and Waste water treatment.

Chip Cutters & Chip Handling System

Swarf conveying , chip briquetting and compaction unit , oil recovery , waste oil removal, chip conveyor, magnetic filter, magnetic conveyor, magnetic coolant filter, magnetic separator, oil recovery, waste oil collection.

Fume Extractors & Dust Collection Systems

Providing customised solution with Centralised Fume Extraction and Individual Fume extraction systems - welding fume extractor, solder fume extractor, portable fume extractor, fume filter, laser fume extractor, dust extraction system

Centralized Coolant Filtration Systems, Vacuum Filters, Backwash Filters, Pressure Filters, Paper Band Filters, Magnetic Separators, Mesh Drum Filters, Chip Conveyors, Self Cleaning Filters, Oil Skimmers, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, NCR, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, India

Centralized Filtration Systems

Veeraja Leaders In Industrial Filtration Systems And Solutions

We are expert in manufacturing a wide range of precision filters, pipe strainers, industrial agitators, precision conveyors etc

About Us

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and turnkey solution providers for centralized filtration system, individual filtration system, chip handling systems, roll coolant system and centralized fume extraction system. Established in year 2000 by Mr Prasad Mate with industry knowledge of more than 35 years we have successfully installed hundreds of filtration systems in India, Iran, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda With in house facility of designing, manufacturing, installation and after sales support,

Veeraja is professionally managed family owned enterprise. Started in 2000 as the brain child of designer Prasad Mate,

Veeraja grew from being a small system manufacturer to a reputed supplier of coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management systems . With year on year growth of more than 20% we have achieved a turnover of 50000000 INR This was only possible with our pillars of strength.

We execute turnkey projects in coolant filtration for various applications like Alluminium machining filtration system, Cast Iron machining filtration system, Grinding coolant filtration system, Honing oil filtration system, Rolling mill coolant filtration system.
Chip removal from machines and transportation to storage location is the primary concern of many customers. We execute turnkey projects starting from Individual machine conveyors which can be Slat type conveyors
Centralized Fume extraction system consists of a Electro static precipitator fume extractor or a mechanical fume extractor connect to a group of machines with overhead ducts. These units come filter clogging indicator and automatic flow adjustment

To provide customized end to end solutions in coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management.