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Disc Type Oil Skimmers

A disc skimmer is very useful for small tanks with no level variations. Due to robust and simple design it is generally preferred for small individual tanks.

This type of skimmer uses disc instead of belt. The skimmer frame structure is mounted on the top of tank coolant collection tank. A stainless steel disc is dipped in coolant surface from top of the tank. The Disc rotates in clockwise direction. Oily scum adheres to the disc surface and wiped and dumped in scum arresting bin. Disc Skimmers using steel discs of Dia-350MM (Depth 100MM) Model. We also provide Split type using disc Dia-425MM (Depth 250MM) with Chain drive mechanism to split the Disc from motor center to shift the Disc downwards to get more depth using same disc dia. All small models are having built with decanter tray arrangement to further separate the oil from the collect Skimmed mixture and water ETC mixture to return back the coolant, Washing liquid etc. back to the tank. Only pure oil is collected.

Features & Benefits :
• Used for removing un-emulsified oil.
• Filtration capacity : 5 l/hr to 20 l/hr
• Continues cleaning operation. SS304 disc
• Ease of maintenance. Tank Top mounting. Single drive. Very compact
• Ideal for individual machines

Applications :
• Steel Grinding , Cast iron Grinding
• Washing machine
• Gun Drilling

Disc Type Oil Skimmers

Disc Type Oil Skimmers

Disc Type Oil Skimmers<

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