Centralized Coolant Filtration Systems

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Swarf Handling Systems

Swarf is generated in any type of material removing process. The swarf generated in machining is typically is of high volume and weight. Transportation of these chips from the point of generation to the scarp yard is a very tedious, time consuming and labourious job. Leaking coolant from these chips also makes the shop floor look dirty. If these chips generated are curly it adds to these problems.
Veeraja provides complete solution of swarf removal from machine bed , common conveying systems, chip crushers and chip briquetting machines.

Features & Benefits

• Made to order solution
• Sizing and selection of ideal components is done based on type of chips and quantity of chips generated.
• Integration of all components in respect of mechanical and electrical safety.
• Built in PLC Controlled electrical and mechanical safety with Auto conveyor Jamming logic.
• Complete end to end solution


• Chip Briquetting
• Scraper Conveyor
• Cleat conveyors
• Chip Crushers
• Screw Conveyors

Centralized Filtration Systems

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