Chip Handling Systems

Chip removal from machines and transportation to storage location is the primary concern of many customers. We execute turnkey projects starting from Individual machine conveyors which can be Slat type conveyors, Cleat Conveyors, Harpoon conveyors for the those long curly chips or screw conveyors where there is space limitations. Chip cutters are extensively used in application like Steel Machining, Stainless Steel machining where curly chips are generated in the machines. These chips are sheared into smaller dimensions which are they easy transported. Chips or Burr transported to central location is further treated using Briquetting machine which compresses the dirt to small tablets thus reducing the storage space required and aides in coolant oil recovery. Briquettes formed can easily introduced in a furnace to reclaim the metal. We undertake turnkey projects which result huge saving in shop floor area, manpower cost, raw material reclamation and much more

Centralized Filtration Systems

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