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Advantages of Vacuum Filters


All these filters use consumable filter paper for filtration. It is obvious that these be compared for their various features. The comparison could be tabulated as under :

Filtration performance
Uses pump suction vacuum for filtration in addition to gravity head available. Pressure drop used is about 4 m of fluid column. Hence gathers more dirt layer to perform much better than all types of gravity filters.
Uses gravity head of about 0.25 to 0.3 m of fluid column max. Performs better than paper band filter but much less than vacuum filter.
Uses gravity head of about 0.1 to 0.15 m of fluid column. Needs larger area to pass same fluid flow. Gathers lesser dirt on filter paper.
Type of filter media used
Due to higher pressure differential available, it can accept much finer filter paper. This reduces clarity fluctuations. Indexes very small lengths of filter paper at a time to reduce the clarity fluctuations further.
Needs permeable filter papers & hence the filter papers used are courser. Depends on level of fluid on top of filter paper to start & stop indexing. Hence length of filter paper indexed is more adding to clarity fluctuations.
Needs very permeable filter paper. Even with other features similar to compact band filter, the clarity fluctuations are lesser because of larger filtration area.
Paper consumption
Gathers much thicker layer of dirt on top of filter paper. Hence higher quantity of dirt is removed per unit area of filter paper consumed. This reduces filter paper consumption to about 20 % of any gravity filter operating under similar conditions.
Since the pressure drop available is better than paper band filter, the paper consumption could be lesser compared to paper band filter.
Attempt is made to reduce paper consumption by providing large filtration area.
Energy consumption
Generally the filter uses only one pump to generate vacuum & delivery pressure. Hence consumes much lesser power compared to a compact band filter.
This is much taller unit standing on top of a tank. It cannot be accommodated under drain of a machine. This needs a dirty fluid handling pump in addition to clean fluid pump & hence higher on power consumption.
This can be generally accommodated under machine drain & hence no need of dirty fluid handling pump. Consumes lesser power.
Tolerance of fluid viscosity
Can effectively handle viscous fluids up to 40 Cst.
Can handle moderately viscous fluids.
Can handle only low viscosity fluids.
Convenience of use
Dirt coming out of filter is dry & easy to handle. This also saves valuable fluid. Filter paper is separated from dirt & is wound on separate mandrel for convenience of disposal.
Filter paper & dirt together drop in bin. The filter paper & dirt are wet.
Filter paper & dirt together drop in bin. The filter paper & dirt are wet.
Space occupied
Requires lesser space as dirty fluid tank & filter are together.
Requires separate dirty fluid tank. & shallower clean fluid tank under the filter. Hence occupies more floor area.
May not require dirty fluid tank. However due to larger filtration area it consumes more floor space.
Sizing of filter
This can be designed to handle much larger flows & dirt quantities. Can be used as centralized plant.
The unit has to be relatively small.
This can be made large with some difficulties.


Additional features of “Veeraja Vacuum Filters”.
Veeraja Industries have gone in extensive development of vacuum filters. In a short span of time we have developed a verity of vacuum filters; from very small vacuum filters – for rated flows of 50 LPM; to very large ones – for rated flow rates of 6000 LPM (already working).

We have designed manufactured & supplied large verities of vacuum filters to our customers. Please note following:
Very fine :
A vacuum filter handles very fine lapping paste & is used as oil recovery unit for a back-washable candle filter supplied to MICO Nasik.
Handling large quantum of dirt : A centralized plant supplied to Tecumseh Products India Limited, is designed to handle 6 tons of dirt a day.

Handling large flow rates :
The above plant is designed to handle 6000 Lit/min fluid flow.

Vacuum filter with no consumable:
The above plant is designed to be using continuous mesh belt (no consumable) as well as using filter paper. Veeraja has plans to promote this type of filter where-ever possible.

To make vacuum filters more reliable, energy efficient, economic & convenient to use, Veeraja have added some features in the vacuum filter.
• The velocity of flow through the filter medium is selected depending on application, dirt quantum, viscosity of fluid & clarity level required.
• A diffuser is added to prevent the dirt generated from disturbing.
• Automatic chain washing nozzles, used only during the chain movement, are added to prevent frequent jamming.
• Partial flow / full flow valve is added to prevent faster draining of vacuum brake tank during indexing.
• The dirty filter paper is wound on a mandrel while dry dirt drops in a wheeled bin. This makes it more convenient to dispose off the dirt & filter paper. This is an ISO 14000
• Vacuum filters are supplied to handle difficult dirt like C.I. grinding dirt.
• Veeraja has also developed smaller versions of vacuum filters without conveyer chains to make them more maintenance friendly & cheap.

Centralized Filtration Systems

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