Vacuum Filters

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Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

Working :
For finer processes of material removal like grinding and honing, a finer filtration level is required. If the fluid is not filtered to the desired filtration level, the particles leave a mark on the surface. Normal gravity filter does not give the desired filtration level. Also the media consumption is very high.

In such cases Vacuum filter is the ideal solution. With the help of vacuum, finer filter media can also be used for very fine operations.

Features and Benefits :
• Suitable for finer filtration. Paper consumption drops by 80%.
• Can be used with disposable and back-washable media.
• Filtration capacity: 50 l/min to 6000 l/min.
• Without conveyor. Very Low maintenance.
• Totally automatic operation.
• Very Compact Design. Ideal for roll coolant systems
• Can be customized to suit your requirement.

Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

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