Pressure Filters

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Cartridge Type Pressure Filters

Pressure filters housing are pressure vessels in which cartridge filters / elements are assembled. These elements can be of various micron rating from 300 micron to 1 micron and suitable different type of fluids like water based emulsion, cutting oils or washing fluids. 

The filter housing are manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel and tested for 2 times the working pressures.

• Dirty fluid inlet is connected to inlet of the housing
• Fluid passes through cartridge. Dirt is trapped in the cartridge
• Clean fluid comes out from outlet flange
• A pressure switch gives an indication when the cartridge chokes.

Features & Benefits :
• Very compact design, Multiple modules available
• Same housing can handle different types of cartridges.
• Pressure sensor automatically indicates choking.
• Easy removal and handling of lids make it easy for replacement and maintenance
• Can be connected in parallel for higher flows and series with cartridges of different filtration level
• Filtration level : 1 micron to 350 micron
• Cartridge type : Disposable , Washable , PP , SS304
• Sizing: 1 element to 24 elements per housing.
• Filtration capacity : 20 l/min to 1200 l/min per housing.
• Used in series for larger filtration rates.

Pressure Filters

Pressure Filters

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